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DiffDash – Free Admin Template

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Have you checked Klorofil Pro? More UI elements, features, layouts, charts and so on.

Klorofil Pro – Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

DiffDash is a free admin template that provide most important elements for your dashboard app/project. It provides essential UI elements and pages such as profile, login, register, lockscreen and error page.


It’s free admin template. Awesome, share it with others!


Different from most dashboard templates that are already there.

Built with Sass

Provides all the benefits from using Sass for better future development.

Pre-built Pages

Pages for standard purpose such as user profile, login, register, lockscreen, error pages and more.


Compatible and look goods on mobile screen, no worries.

Developer Friendly

Easy to customize, great code quality and readability.

DiffDash Free Admin Template Features

  • Simple dashboard, no overbloated features and elements
  • Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Donut Chart and Composite Chart
  • Mini Line Chart, Mini Bar Chart and Mini Pie Chart
  • Fancy Growl-like notification
  • Tabs with various styles
  • Buttons, button groups, toolbar button, button with icon, dropdown and dropup buttons
  • Styled Bootstrap elements such as alert messages, accordion, progress bars, tooltips, popovers, paginations and more
  • 670+ Font Awesome icons and includes 170 Linear Icons
  • Custom checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Basic inputs, input groups
  • Advanced form elements such as datepicker, bootstrap multiselect (intuitive select input), masked inputs
  • Form validation, provides many input validation scenarios, super easy to configure and setup
  • Built with Sass and well organized HTML, CSS and Javascript files
  • HTML and Markdown Editor
  • Cross-Browser Tested
  • HTML5 W3C Validated
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Released: 22/05/2017
Updated: 22/05/2017